D-MARIN Projects - Let's Not Pollute Our Seas, Let's Not Upset Our Living Things

School name: Bodrum/Sehit Türkmen Tekin EİHL (Secondary School)
Project name: Let's not pollute our seas, let's not upset our living things 
Problems Identified in the Project
Pollution in seas and coasts
Insensitivity to nature
Purpose of the Project
To protect our nature and the seas and to emphasize the importance of sea creatures. To explain how garbage wastes in the seas and beaches endanger the lives of sea creatures.
Project Goal
Protecting our nature
Protecting the habitats of marine species
Information about the Project
First of all, after the "Let's Protect Our Seas with Steam" training, we formed a group with 5 students at my school.
We especially observed the pollution in the sea and beaches, the biggest problems we have identified are the waste after picnics in the coastal areas and at the same time the proliferation of mask and glove waste on the beaches after the pandemic.
The fact that people throw the masks and garbage they have used into the environment and that sea creatures are most affected by this has revealed our project idea.
We decided to make an animation using Web 2.0 tools and tried to portray how disturbed the sea and sea creatures are by pollution and at the same time interfering with their habitats by making the scenario and voiceover part.
Our animation touches on these issues. 
Project name and Short summary
To protect the habitats of sea creatures and to recognize that not only humans live in the world but also other living creatures and that we should not jeopardize their habitats.
Let's protect nature and all living things.
Project Mentor Teacher
Elif Özen Karakaplan
Project Team Members
Ceylin SARI
Ömer Furkan TIKIL
Kerem KUM