TURMEPA Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products


The content of cleaning products that offer a highly biodegradable alternative cleaning option does not contain phosphate, formaldehyde, paraben and chlorine. Our products, which are produced using plant-based raw materials and do not contain any animal-added raw materials, are prepared by Uzay Kimya under the TURMEPA brand. These raw materials can biodegrade without causing accumulation in nature. The packaging materials of the products, which are also suitable for use with sea water, are also environmentally friendly. The PH values of the cleaning group consisting of 8 types, which are available in both household and industrial type packages, are at a suitable level that does not harm the skin.

Our products are sold at Migros, Macrocenter, CarrefourSA, Metro, Tesco Kipa, Eastmarine and Eataly markets.

TURMEPA Cleaning Products have a vegan certificate within the framework of International Vegan Trademark standards. Nature-friendly, environmentally sensitive cleaning products have been found to comply with the vegan criteria of the non-governmental organization Vegan Society and are also animal-friendly. This certificate shows that the products do not contain any animal ingredients, are not processed and produced with any animal ingredients, and also certifies that TURMEPA cleaning products and product ingredients are not tested on animals within the effective control of TURMEPA.

Dishwashing Detergent: Specially formulated to clean your most heavily greasy and dirty dishes. Provides easy rinsing thanks to its adjustable foam. Environment and skin friendly. 
Liquid Hand Soap: Specially formulated to clean your hands. It is friendly to your skin. Protects your hands. It leaves a pleasant scent by making them well-groomed and soft.
General Surface Cleaner: Cleans and polishes all washable surfaces. The main cleaning agent is soap-based from natural raw materials.
Dishwasher Gel Detergent: Thanks to its special formulation and instantly soluble gel, it cleans your plates and glasses without damaging them. Protects the patterns of your dishes.
Heavy Oil Remover: Easily removes all kinds of oil stains, motor oil, tar, tar and paint stains. It provides cleanliness and shine on oily and dirty washable surfaces with its composition of plant-based raw materials.
Glass Cleaner: Cleans stains on all washable surfaces such as glass, windows and mirrors without leaving any traces. Provides shine. 
Wood, Parquet and Laminate Surface Cleaner: Removes stains and dirt from all wipeable wooden surfaces without leaving any traces. Provides shine.
Liquid Laundry Detergent: Thanks to its special formulation, it ensures that your colored and white laundry is easily cleaned and provides natural softness to your laundry. Leaves no residue on your laundry and protects its colors.

Ahşap, Parke ve Laminat Yüzey Temizleyicisi: Tüm silinebilir ahşap yüzeylerde oluşan lekeleri ve kirleri iz bırakmadan temizler. Parlaklık sağlar.

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