Less bag, more oxygen

School name: Datça Yilmaz Secondary School
Project name: Less bags, More oxygen
Problems Identified in the Project
Plastic bag consumption, which decreased with the introduction of paid plastic bags in the markets, is not at the same rate in the markets
Purpose of the Project
    Minimizing the amount of plastic bags used, especially in markets, and reducing the damage to nature
Project Objective
- Minimizing the consumption of plastic bags and preventing the pollution reaching the environment and thus the seas
Information about the Project
      After the training I attended, I formed a team of 5 students who are sensitive to nature and interested in producing projects.

      We organized meetings with students in line with the conditions allowed by the pandemic and distance education process. We started with the question 'What is the biggest pollution we encounter in the seas in Datça? The common denominator that all students met and wanted to work on was the use of plastic bags. We created our project based on this problem.
Project Scope
      After the introduction of the paid bag system in the markets, the use of plastic bags decreased, but not in the markets; the reason for this is that the bags are still free of charge in the markets and we thought that it is not useful to put the fruits and vegetables bought from the market in a single bag. From this point of view, we designed a cloth bag with compartments inside. For products that will leave traces such as strawberries and cherries, we preferred to use wipeable material on the inside of 1-2 of the compartments inside the bag.

      Thus, we aimed to prevent each family from using at least 10 plastic bags in a weekly market shopping.
Project Mentor Teacher

Project Team Members
Idil GÜL
Derin Yunus ÇAKMAKLI