What is the Meaning of a “Volunteer” at TURMEPA?

What is the Meaning of a “Volunteer” at TURMEPA?

Supporting social initiative or social entrepreneurship willingly in order to reach a goal for the benefit of the ecosystem and society that we live in, to increase the quality of life of individuals outside family without any expectation of interest, accepting and signing the Voluntary Statement of the NGO of its choice and actively taking action by completing the volunteer programs related to the chosen field is the definition of volunteering for DenizTemiz Association/TURMEPA.

Who can be a TURMEPA Volunteer?
  • As stated in Article 33 of the Constitution, all citizens have the liberty to to become a member of an association.
    Based on this acceptance, the ones who:
  • Adopt the mission and principles of the association,
  • Have education, personality characteristics as well as personality and can make measurable contribution to the goals and activities determined in accordance with the mission and principles of the association,
  • Are ready to think, discuss and take action with TURMEPA in its efforts to protect marine and coastal ecosystem,
  • Can be volunteers in TURMEPA
What are the Principles of TURMEPA Volunteers?
  • Sensitivity towards the marine ecosystem
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Respect for differences
  • Participation with local people
  • Teamwork and sharing
  • Lifelong learning
  • Sustainability
What are the Rights of TURMEPA Volunteers?
  • All active volunteers have the following rights:
  • Getting information about every activity they take part in and criticizing them as well as expecting for the criticism to be taken into consideration,
  • Expecting to be informed of the results of each activity as well as anticipating their contribution to be visible,
  • Picking their own workspaces, working days and hours,
  • Benefiting equally from their contributions in educational and social activities they take part in,
  • Defending and protecting their views as well as rights that are declared by TURMEPA.
Which Volunteer Candidate can do What in Which Field?
  1. Every age group                                       National + International Arena
Online Volunteering                             Social Media    
  1. 18 years old and older                              National Arena 
Community Volunteering                      University + Private Sector
  1. İndividuals between 25 - 50                   National+InternationalArena
    Education Volunteer                                  Training program, Target
    1. Every age group                                                     National + International Arena​Activity Volunteering

Information Note: Our foreign volunteer candidates can also join us under the title of “Online Volunteering” or “Activity Volunteering”.

Our Volunteer Definitions:

Online Volunteer: Every individual, whether they are retired or a student, who sits at home, has special needs or a busy work pace can become an online volunteer regardless of their age. They can be active with their contributions on social media channels, short films and photos. After online or face-to-face orientations within the time periods determined by the center, they contribute by sharing content under the title of “What is Happening in our World?” in their personal accounts. They participate by displaying advocacy for Maritime Law both nationally and internationally. They also collaborate across borders by writing, editing, translating, consulting, developing projects and advancing management.

Education Volunteer: People who are between 25-50 years of age, active in the provinces targeted in the national arena, have voluntary or professional work experience, are providing support as a volunteer trainer in the training of teachers, adults and children under TURMEPA Volunteering Procedure after receiving the necessary training in order to be ready to lead these individuals.

Activity Volunteer: They are individuals from all age groups, they take part in the important events organized by the Association as facilitators, organizers and participants both in national and international arena and in all tasks parallel to the content of the event. They also provide support in subjects and designs related to communication activities. (Stand setups, relations with local media, etc.)

Community Volunteer: They are volunteer communities formed in universities, public and private sector. Their goals are determined in the national arena. The minimum number of individuals is 5. (There may be 5 or more.) They are defined as Maritime Ambassadors and their activities are carried through the Community Guidelines.
Our foreign volunteer candidates can also join us under the title of “Online Volunteering” or “Activity Volunteering”.