We participated in the Climate Crisis Summit

"Climate Crisis Summit" organised by Marine Culture Association, Piri Reis University and TÜRDEF in memory of Hakkı Şen was held at Piri Reis University. The session, "Maritime Sector under the Threat of Climate Crisis" moderated by TURMEPA Chairman Şadan Kaptanoğlu. Semiha Öztürk, General Secretary of TURMEPA, explained the Zero Waste Blue Campaign against Climate Change. The other panellists of the session, Ufuk Teker, General Manager of TÜRK P&I, Emel Hayretdağ, Business Development Manager of Alkoç Group, Yasemin Ulusoy, Project Development Specialist of the Association for the Protection of the Mediterranean, Nalan Erol, R&D Officer of Uzmar, Seçkin Yılmaz, Co-Founder of Vento Denizcilik and Salih Bildiren, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ODEMED, shared their views on the responsibility of the maritime sector in combating the climate crisis and the environmental agenda of maritime.